We do following types of Photography:–

1. Event Photography:-

Event photography documents the aura, color and essence of the event. It’s the document of that event. If you are searching for event photographer, you are at the right place as we do Event photography. Studio Digital 18 does philanthropy work also. We do free photo shoot of programs of orphanage, old age home, mass wedding etc. Free photo shoot depends on availability of time and prior booking. We do Event photography at most affordable price.

We do Event Photography for
Get Together
Kitty Parties
Corporate Events

2. Pre- Wedding Photography:-

Pre Wedding photography is the first task of whole wedding photography. Here roka (engagement) allows wedding photographer to click his camera and still the first gear of pre wedding photography. Roka is followed by other rituals like haldi, mehndi, sangeet which gives midas touch to pre wedding photography. In broad scenario Pre Wedding Photography consists of shooting of so many events. In Bengali wedding photography, a wedding photographer does justice with pre wedding photography along with wedding photography as in a Bengali wedding photography both have more or less same scope. Here we can capture tonnes of pre wedding photographs as we have many pre wedding rituals as vridhi, bhaat, dodhi-mangal, haldi-uptan, shakha paula, kubbi patta,mandap etc. Sikh wedding photography where shagun tilak roka (engagment) ceremony marks the beginning of ceremony along with wedding photography or we can call it pre wedding photography too; Tilak on groom’s forehead and shagun thali adds to creative wedding photography. vatna gharoli is also captured under pre wedding photography. Mehndi is another significant ritual clicked under pre wedding photography. Generally we click this ritual as creative wedding photography..creativity of palm, heena and lens to make you feel essence of your heena in your album. And the wedding photography starts with chuda followed by barat and ceremony at gurudwara. In sikh wedding photography tilak, chuda, baraat sets the frame for candid wedding photography. Pre wedding photography of couples is an important part of their wedding. We do indoor as well as outdoor Pre Wedding Photography of couples.

3. Wedding Photography:-

Being a wedding photographer ‘Studio Digital 18 ’ captures every tellurian activity to heavenly one after all marriages are made in heaven. This marriage photographer’s capture will insist you to discover those expressions whom you actually missed that day but we treasured it for you. When we are behind lens your wedding album would not let you take your eyes off. Marriage photographs are like wine goblets whom we keep staring even when wine is over but do not forget that old wine is always poured by wedding photographer. This is the importance of a wedding photographer., so we can say we can make you feel how special you are…for everyone in that album, for everyone viewing that album. Only a wedding photographer can discover you for you; this is what professional wedding photography is all about. Indian wedding photography is full of colours, rituals and yes infinite mood & emotion. Rituals and baraat marks the wedding photography on fire. We provide wedding photography services mostly in Delhi NCR. If you are searching for a Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR, we are here for you. We do Hindu wedding photography, Sikh wedding photography, Bengali wedding photography, Muslim wedding photography. So if your requirement is professional wedding photographer then you are just a call away. Call STUDIO DIGITAL 18 as we are the leading wedding photographer in Delhi NCR. We are here to provide you best wedding photography and that’s too at affordable cost. These days it is a tough job to get affordable wedding photography.
A candid photograph is a captured through motion mostly, without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos. In India varmala / jaimala / jaimaal is the moment for which every marriage photographer remains thirsty because it enables him to shoot candid wedding photography and marriage portrait photography. In Hindu wedding photography Kanyadan, sindur dan and vidaayi are another classic moments for candid wedding photography as well as creative wedding photography.

4. Kids Photography:-

Kids are our future. We are very much dependent on them; their smile makes us happy while their tears give us immense pain. Time runs so fast, kids grow up so fast that sometimes we think as it happened yesterday. So we want to treasure those beautiful moments through kids photography. Those photographs will take you back in the memory lane and at that time you will have tears of joy in your eyes. Studio Digital 18 will capture those beautiful moments for you. Kid’s photography gives us so much satisfaction. If you are searching for a Kids photographer, Studio Digital 18 is here to serve you. Kids photography needs lots of patience and time and we will give you both.

5.Product Photography:-

We do Product photography for e commerce websites, companies, ad agencies etc. We mix passion with creativity to give best result. We do product photography for home appliances, cosmetic products, luxury items, jewellery etc. If you are searching for professional product photographer, Studio Digital 18 is the right place for you.

6. Jewellery photography:-

Being a subtype of product photography, jewellery photography has also that uniqueness of providing visual identity to the gem or jewellery. Visual identity for any gem or jewellery is necessary as it helps in making its market. At Studio Digital 18 we provide you with the best possible visual identity for your precious and semi precious items, which is essential for its advertisement.